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Our Family Of Brands

Dealer Geek subsidiaries are second to none in automotive software engineering and development.

Allied Smart Cities

Dealer Geek’s Allied Smart Cities subsidiary is a technology solutions provider of IT Infrastructure, Network, Wireless, and Cybersecurity. Some of the product and service offerings include: MFA as a Service; Network as a Service; SOC as a Service; VPN as a Service; Wireless as a Service.

Our team of experienced engineers, programmers, and IT experts can troubleshoot your existing configuration, or build one to meet your current and future business needs, always in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

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Dealer Geek’s Auto App subsidiary is a custom programming company that creates valuable applications for Sales, Accounting, Fixed OPS, and Operations. A few of the offerings include: Chart of Accounts (ACT); Vendor Expenses (ACT); Sales Log (SLS); Upboard (SLS); Commissions (ACT/SLS); Gas Card Control (ACT/SLS); Tag Control (ACT/SLS); Auto Invoices (ACT/SLS); Service RO Performance (FXO); Rolodex (General). Applications are available as a package or as a stand-alone product.

Let our proactive team help you start saving valuable time and resources while increasing sales and service profitability. Our clients see immediate results and exponential ROI, as well as increased performance and efficiency within the defined area of opportunity. 

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Auto VoIP

Dealer Geek’s Auto VoIP subsidiary is a Telephony, Voice over IP, and Fax over IP service provider. Product and service offerings include: Integrated Phone Systems; Fax over IP as a Service; Voice over IP as a Service. Our VoIP options are available as a package or as a stand-alone product.

Every dealership has a unique set of requirements – so let our team provide you with a free consultation to determine the best fit! 

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Car Switch

Dealer Geek’s Car Switch subsidiary provides enterprise end-user devices such as Computers, Mobile Devices, and Printers. Product and service offerings include: Computer Provision as a Service; Mobile Device Provision as a Service; Printer Provision as a Service. All of our product options are available as a package or as a stand-alone product.

Dealership communication is key! Contact our team to see how we can provide Computers, Mobile Devices, and Printers to keep your team operational at all times! 

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Dealer Geek’s Karcomm subsidiary provides system administration, on-site field services, and technical support. These critical options are available as a package or as a stand-alone product.

Staffing your dealership with key System Admin and IT Support staff can be challenging. Let our IT experts assist your location(s) and leave the technical side to us! Book a demo to learn how we can save you time and money, and keep your dealership secure. 

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Dealer Geek’s Karlocked subsidiary provides secure document scanning and cybersecurity-related and compliance offerings such as Safeguard Ready. Document scanning and FTC Safeguards Rule are available as a package or as a stand-alone product.

With the June 9th deadline for FTC compliance fast-approaching, our Safeguard Ready product will remove any roadblocks and help you avoid hefty penalties and fines. As well, our DocuSafeguard secure document scanning service will give you immediate access to YOUR 1st-party data, and make it easy to retain, and find, critical deal items, ROs, parts tickets, and receipts. 

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